Friday, 2 November 2007

Updated 8 Omega Framework

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It is now over two years since we released the original 8 Omega Framework. During that time it has been adopted and adapted by literally hundreds of organizations around the globe. Despite the demise of the BPMG, interest in using the framework remains high and a couple of initiatives are underway to keep support for the framework moving. In the first instance I , along with David Lyneham-Brown have been reviewing the materials and will soon be releasing refreshed information concerning how best to utilize the framework in your organization. The results of these efforts should be available soon (drop me an email if you want to see what we are up to).

The second thing is that based on additional thoughts and further learnings in the area of both business and personal transformation a new version of the framework itself has been released, a simple graphic of which is reproduced here. (If you are using the framework in your organization and would like a higher resolution version let me know).

The more observant among you will notice that there is now a new element, Purpose, this is so as to enable us to be sure of what it is we are about and allow us to look at strategy in the context of achieving and maintaining our purpose. All too often great strategies seem to fail, but only because they no longer serve or suit our purpose. Together these five elements provide a compressive view of what is required to enable transformation to take place.

On the verticals we have made a couple of other changes, we have decided to remove the Integration phase, as this is really covered in a combination of Implementation and Control phases. More importantly we have added a new penultimate phase, Management; this is because we felt that the old framework did not fully address the needs for the ongoing management of the business. Now improvement "projects" effectively finish at the Control stage with the use of effective project controls being used to measure the effectiveness of the project, while moving toward more appropriate management controls for use on an ongoing basis. The last piece of the project, other than reporting back, is ensuring that project controls that are not needed on a day by day basis are removed.

The new framework is being used in training classes now and additional information will be made available over the next couple of months.