Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Free 8 Omega Video

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Although there are those that knock the 8 Omega framework, the fact is that over 2,000 people downloaded information and presentations about it from the BPMG and hundreds of people around the globe were trained in how to use it during the past 3 years. So the fact is that there are quite a few people who are finding it useful, and in the coming months I know we will see more about it and how it can apply to you.

In the meantime, while we still wait to see what finally happens at the BPM Group, I thought it might be helpful to make some of the resources I have available to people. In the first instance I have a video, (not brilliant, but hopefully, acceptable quality considering how much was paid to do the work!) that was taken at the Global Business Process Forum a couple of years ago.

The video is quite long and talks through the principals of the framework and how it is used as part of a BPM approach. Although the thinking and detail has moved on since this was done, it still provides good background information and some ideas on making it work for you.

Despite the quality I hope that it proves a useful refresher to those that might have done the BPM Certification class, while acting as a more detailed introduction for those who have only see some of the pure slide ware. You can access the video by clicking here

While next week I hope to be able to provide you with some insights from the business perspective of my recent trip to India. For anyone interested in seeing how I found India from a personal perspective are welcome to download a new article as a PDF from here


Roeland Loggen said...

Where can I find the URL to this video?

Mark McGregor said...

Roeland, thanks for picking up the error! If you now look at the post again you will see that I have inserted the link into the post