Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Looks Like The End Game is Approaching for BPMG

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It would appear that the end may possibly be nearing for the BPMG, and that end would appear to be a very sad one. Yesterday BPMG Chairman Stewart Ashton put out a statement on the situation.

In it he says "The report that I have presented on June 29th 2007 is confidential to the board and shareholders of BPM Ventures Limited but I can indicate that it identifies certain matters that may well become the subject of legal claims in the future. My task in this matter was to try to resolve the matters as quickly as possible in the interest of the members and clients of BPMG. Having provided my report to the board and not being able to resolve the position I have no desire to continue in this role and I have therefore resigned my directorship in the company although I remain a shareholder.

At the same time our Administration and Finance Manager Rose Butler has also resigned. She will no longer be able to answer BPMG members or clients queries. In addition, David Lyneham-Brown has also resigned his roles and directorships of BPMG. With David being the prime technical developer of the BPMG training and development approach this is regretful. Imre Hegedus has stepped down as our Global Director of Chapters and the principal organiser of our autumn conference having done a sterling job in both these areas to date. We have already advised people that we cannot run the conference because like our other web sites Process2007 has been entirely under the control of Bennu Group LLC and we have had no access to it." – You can read the full statement at www.bpmgroup.org

So it seems that despite the attempts to try and breathe life into the patient, it has not responded. I guess it remains to see whether Steve and Bennu are going to try and resurrect something. But if the conversations I have been involved in are anything to go by it would appear that too much damage has been done and too little respect shown to the very people who actually made the BPMG what it had become – the customers and members.

It does not matter who claims to have built what at the company, or who claims to own what, the fact remains that it became what it was due to the tremendous trust and support placed in it by so many people around the globe. Without that support it would have been very much a small UK based group.

I would also like to add my thanks to the many trainers who I have had the pleasure of working with while I was at the BPMG, they too played a big part in ensuring the quality and the breadth of the training was maintained and delivered throughout the world. Many of those trainers I am sure, like me, will continue to provide a quality BPM training product and will continue to do their best to help any of those that require assistance as they go along their BPM journey.

I have never hidden from the fact that although I have been disassociated from the BPMG for some 9 months now, I remain a shareholder (although who knows to what value!) and in this capacity I have seen the final report that Stewart Ashton presented to the board. Whilst I cannot share the details with you, I can tell you that it made astonishing reading and seemed to suggest a whole catalogue of financial mis-management and other things.

My final hope is that members of the BPMG community are able to find new "homes" and vehicles through which to communicate with each other and other training programs that enable them to continue to develop as individuals.

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