Saturday, 26 May 2007 Website Not Working

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A number of people have contacted me by phone and email regarding the web site not working. I too have noticed that it seems to have been down for a few days, but cannot shed any light on the situation. Like the rest of you I can only assume that there are technical difficulties. Besides retaining a small shareholding I have had no involvement with the site or organization since leaving them in September last year. Rest assured if I do hear anything then I will be sure to post it here and let you know. In the meantime if you are looking for numbers to contact people at the BPMG then I suggest that perhaps you try doing a Google search and then clicking on the cached pages in order to get at the details.


Mohammed Thiab said...

I tried to visit and it got automatically directed to Bennu Group.

It seems they own the domain name

Mark McGregor said...

Hi Mohammed

It is true that Terry and Steve have the BPMG domain pointed at themselves. Thsi was done at the time when they brought down the BPMG website, that they actually own the domain may be disputed by the BPMG shareholders and may be something for the Internet registrar to resolve.

Kind Regards