Thursday, 24 May 2007

Recommended BPM Books

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The most common question I get as I travel around the world is "What books do you recommend?" So as I started to put together this blog I thought that perhaps this was the place to start providing such a list. On the right hand column you will see that I have started out by listing BPM/Process books, all the books on this list are those that have been reviewed by, contributed to or authored by me. I did not think that the world simply wants another cut and paste from a directory. For convenience I include the initial list below.

Recomended BPM Books

Check back soon for the inside track on the companies I have been reading about and the books on these.

Finally I will add a list on some of the psychology/NLP aspects of business that interest me in my research into why some organizations work and others just don't get it!

Oh, and before anyone asks me do I really recommend all these books, the answer to that one is very simple – Read as widely as you can, make up your own mind and then plough your own furrow – there is no fun in just simply following the herd :-)

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Sweety_Fatty143 said...

Translating paper specifications to working software is difficult for developers, let alone for customers.

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