Friday, 25 May 2007

Sudan: An Unlikely Place for BPM?

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Recently, while the rest of the world "celebrated" Darfur Day, I was in fact in Khartoum, an amazing place and full of really great people. They tell me that two things about their country in particular seem to baffle people, one is that people do not realize that Darfur is in fact a place in Sudan (apparently it is not uncommon for Sudanese people to be asked whether Sudan is near Darfur!) and the second is when they talk about the river Nile. The Nile it seems from a western perspective is a river in Egypt, most fail to grasp that the majority of the Nile runs through Sudan and in fact Khartoum is where the Nile is actually formed, the meeting place of the Blue Nile and the White Nile.

The experiences I had in Khartoum will no doubt be discussed in a number of my posts, there was so much to share with you all that to try and condense all the experiences into one post would simply just not do it justice.

I will share with you that my hosts for the trip were DAL Group, the largest private employer on Sudan and with over 3,700 permanent and another 2,000+ temporary a significant size company by any standards. The purpose of the trip was to help the existing team evangelize and educate managers and staff on the benefits that BPM would bring to the organization. The task was accomplished during a one week period with a one day management seminar, lots of individual meetings with managers, some process training for teams and some mentoring for the main team, all of which we will discuss in later posts.

The core team (who you can see below presenting me with a gift of a traditional Sudanese Family Tree) have tremendous international experience and bring with them experience of the United Nations, Shell and Caterpillar among others and it was a great pleasure and privilege to have been invited to lead their BPM Awareness program. Thank You

Mark McGregor being presented with a hand crafted traditional wooden "Family Tree" by Gumma and the team at DAL Group

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