Thursday, 7 June 2007

BPMG Saga Looks Set to Run & Run

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What about the Customers?

Another day and more twists and turns in what can only be described as the BPMG "Soap Opera". First out of the blocks was former CEO Steve Towers with an email including a link to his "open letter" (you can read it here). It is interesting to note that Steve states "I am doing everything in my power to ensure not only BPM Groups survival but its ongoing growth and success." this would be good news to customers, members (and shareholders such as me), however today I also discovered that Bennu LLC, who list Steve Towers as nothing more than an associate (see here), may be being a little less than forthcoming with the truth. It seems that Steve Towers is in fact an officer of the company (click here and follow the link to "Officers And Directors Information").

So if I am reading this right, a company in which Steve is a Director has removed the BPMG website from another company in which he was a director and shareholder. At the same time preventing members/customers of one of his companies from being able to access the services for which they have paid. Confused? Well I certainly I am. Hardly seems like the actions of someone with the interests of members, customers and shareholders at heart.

I have no idea how this is all going to play out, what I do know is that it sounds like great business for the lawyers and bad news for the rest of us.

I stated earlier that I cannot be totally "impartial" on this being both a shareholder and a creditor (and former employee). But, I can say that these hardly seem like reasonable actions, which is why (as some clever people will already have figured out), I offered a temporary domain to the company and facilitated the setting up of email accounts for the company, in addition I "own up" to assisting the company in getting its message out to those parts of the membership who they still have contact details for. What I have done is of little consolation to those who have been denied service, but perhaps at least allows people to communicate with the company directly in the hope of having their issues dealt with.

It seems likely that the saga will run and run, and as many people have pointed out to me, there will be no winners here, just losers all round and a great deal of sadness.

When all any of us want to know is who really cares about the customers, not with their words but by their deeds. I humbly wish to suggest (actually perhaps "plead" would be better) that the website service should be restored immediately and that the rest of the laundry goes back into the laundry room. Whatever the issues with the company (and boy do we all now know there are issues!) the customer does not care.

Successful Customer Outcomes – The customer does not care about your problems, your supplier's problems, your engineering problems or any other problems you have. The customer simply wants what they expect in the agreed timeframe and to the quality they demand for the price they paid.

Customer Expectation Management – When a company creates an expectation in the market and fails to deliver on that promise, the customer who is king will vote with their wallet.

Moments of Truth – Let's not even go there!






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