Friday, 1 June 2007

What is Happening With BPMG? – Some Answers

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Like many readers, I have seen some emails regarding what is going on at the BPMG. As a shareholder of BPM Group (BPMG) / BPM Ventures (BPMV) Ltd I have been in touch with the new CEO regarding the situation, and as I understand from him the follow appears to be the case

1. Following pressure from external shareholders over the financial management of the company, I understand that at a board meeting yesterday (31st May 2007), Steve Towers and David Lyneham-Brown (although both remain directors and shareholders of the company) relinquished any executive powers within the BPMG and it's parent company BPMV Ltd.

2. The new CEO is aware that it appears that the BPMG website has been "hi-jacked" by a third party and that that party may be using the BPMG mailing list, he is looking to restore the site and protect the data s soon as possible.

3. I am also informed that the IP in all training materials remains the property of BPMG / BPMV Ltd.

4. I understand that the situation will become clearer over the next week or so and that we can expect further communication from the BPMG and the new CEO in that time.

I will of course do my best to keep you updated on the situation and advised of any further news as best I can

Kind Regards

Mark McGregor


Daniel said...

Dear Mark,

Your post is from June, 2007. Do you have news regarding

I noticed the site continues to be hijacked...?

Regards, D.Murray - BPM Student

Mark McGregor said...

Hi David

Thanks, I think the news is not good, perhaps if you email me I can update you via that medium.

Kind Regards