Thursday, 14 June 2007

New Video Resources – Why BPM is Critical

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As ever the challenge in getting management buy-in for BPM is very often dependent on being able to get your message across. It seems that people are more and more looking to add richer content through the use of video. (Indeed I hope to be able to share some of my own with you very soon)

Two weeks ago I was sent a new video by Peter Fingar "Shift Happens", it discusses and details the shifts that are occurring in the economy and how the world is changing, you can view it by clicking here, then this morning I got sent a new adaptation of Peter's video by Jon Pyke of the Process Factory, you can see Jon's version by clicking here.

Both videos are based on an original by Karl Fisch that was looking at education, but as you can see from the work of Peter, the parallel with the need for BPM is too great to be ignored.

I thank Peter and Jon for making these resources available, I hope that you will agree that they are very thought provoking and will help some people in persuading that the time for BPM is now! Of course there will still be others who choose to put it all down as nothing more than a stunt, but alas many of those organizations may not be in business long enough for us to worry about them!

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